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Navigating the Potholes of Life:

Grab your hat; you are on your way to adventure. At sixty-nine, the heroine in this story decides life is too short not to get on with living after her husband dies from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Her imagination leads her to a campground full of people who own recreational vehicles. Her family dismays as she boards her new thirty-two foot motor home to hit the road, —alone. This six thousand mile roller coaster ride will leave readers scratching their heads and laughing at the same time with this neophyte in charge of the wheel. With an overly confident attitude, she learns to manage the motor home (mostly by error), maintain the various systems (in a unique way), and discover that everything comes apart on a camper but not always at the right time. As she turns this escapade into a comedy, she offers us all an uplifting message with a book that faces life’s challenges squarely with courage, knowing that every minute is truly worth living.

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The Mouse House!

The Tale;
As you venture through this little story, you
will meet an elderly couple who have a unique
way of getting trust and showing love when they
share their values with some of God’s little creatures.

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Billy Bitter Better!

The Tale

Billy stubbornly resists a friend’s suggestion and decides to do what he feels is an easier alternative. Out of frustration, his friend makes a judgment about Billy’s attitude, without having the whole story. This causes Billy to reminisce about the past, leaving him miserable and with nothing but his aloneness; however, a blessing is bestowed upon Billy which alerts him to another possible solution to the challenges in his life. It all has to do with the heart of the matter.

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Silly To Sinister!

This book of short stories will stretch the imagination between the creepy tales that make your mind twitch, to the heartwarming stories that give a gentle touch. The reader will taste the colors of another person’s life and the adventures that it holds. Suggested for the teen to the mature adult.

The Titles are: A Cane with a Name, The Long Journey Home, Lace Curtains, Knock on Heaven’s Door, On the Road Again, Tall Tales, The Last Guest, and Sinister Secrets.

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Silly To Sinister!

Book Two of this collection offers a variety of topics to capture your imagination, bring a chuckle to your heart and Goosebumps to your soul. Carolee has written a variety of stories to satisfy all age groups, from the teen to the mature adult. The titles for this book of Short Stories include: Close to the Heart, Time to Grow Up, A Bushel and a Peck, Gotcha, Beyond Hope is a Smile, Acceptance, Brain Drain and Love from a Neighbor is Better than Cookies.

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A Reason To Dream!

Based on a true story this tumultuous process of dealing with a devastating disease is the impetus for this couple to learn to live one day at a time. Avoiding the thoughts of how the future will unfold, the heroine buries her fears in chores as surges of adrenaline ravage her heart. Sleeplessness accompanies her nights, and exhaustion fills her days. The hero struggles to maintain his dignity, as he refuses to accept any change in his life and death story. The system further complicates the journey as hospice policies conflict with decency, leaving them to feel unsafe and forced to deal with incompetence. Eyes tear as they refuse to succumb to the temptation of turning away from God. In spite of this traumatic roller coaster ride, they hang onto the unraveling threads of life through heartaches, tugs of war and, yes, even laughter.

The story gives hope to anyone who encounters a difficult situation that cannot be avoided. In addition, helpful coping techniques and pertinent Bible verses are offered in the appendixes.

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With God In Mind!

These thought provoking prose makes “With God in Mind” a means to consider different perspectives and bring wonderment into a pause. Some of the topics are controversial, causing one to consider their stance in life if they, or someone they love, are found in a similar situation. Some will lead the spirit to unknown places to expand or perhaps create the desire for a new version of oneself; others might expand the mind to question unfamiliar possibilities and some will break the heart or make it smile. All titles are preceded by a pertinent Bible quote.

Titles are: Catch My Eye, Lord; Acceptance, A Conversation with God; Surely God Smiles; The Tides of Life; We Need Some Help Down Here!; Beloved; An Irish Tale; Demons of the Mind; Standing Close; The Hesitation; Your Child Calls; The Feeling of Candle Light.

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Granny Neat Freak!

The Tale

This is a delightful comedy about a little old lady who nurtures an extreme passion for neatness. She lives in her own world as she naively enjoys her obsession until she encounters an opposing force that steers her toward reality. Finally, Granny sees the futility of it all and resigns herself to enjoy nature on its terms and not on her own. The reader will recognize how being concerned about the petty things keeps us from enjoying life’s true ride.

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Goodie Rude Shoes!

The Tale

Goodie Rude Shoes and Mary Whiner are determined to make material possessions more important than relationships. Tweetie Bird, Bean Pole and Candi, the three children in this story, teach them that love can touch the hearts of everyone, if they will only be open to it.

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That Secret Part Of Me!

The Tale

Like we sometimes do, Mr. Cave became immersed in the
dreariness of life. Not liking these feelings, Mr. Cave called upon the Sun for help. The Sun looked into Mr. Cave’s dilemma, only to discover a precious moral that could comfort and inspire both young and old alike.

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The Graduation!

In The Graduation thirteen-year-old Annie O’Brien is forced to attend a private school to hone her skills at being a woman. Annie sees this as an unfair act on the part of her parents. At the academy she learns other students have been abandon by their families. Staunch heartedly, Annie fights against the disciplinary actions of the nuns as she seeks revenge. Torn between her friends at home and the academy’s values, she becomes involved with an undesirable who changes the course of her life. Left on her own she must make lifelong decisions at a very young age. The reader will empathize with the heroine as she fights a double standard, then falls in love only to be broadsided by disaster. Although the time period falls in the 1950’s, this story captures the same challenges that a teen faces today with relationships, abandonment, and abuse. This book is available with or without a Study Guide which gives the parent and the teenager an opportunity to consider other effective options that would not widen the generation gap. The drama stands on its own as a gripping story without the Study Guide.

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The Graduation With Study Guild!

Includes the workbook for the parent and teen to use together. The objective is to delving into possible alternatives in order to facilitate conversation and lead to problems solving which would not amplify the generation gap.

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The Graduation Study Guild!

Is a workbook for the teen or adult who prefer to have a personal copy. The Study Guide grants the parent an opportunity to explore the needs of their teenager as they face societal pressures in today’s world.

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Carolee O’Neill’s books reflect a vast array of experiences that we share every day, as we travel the hills and valleys of life. Sometimes we laugh; sometimes we cry. In the end, memories turn our adversities into the best stories ever told.

                   Carolee ONeill

Add a new dimension to your collectibles with these unique Adult Fairy Tales. Carolee’s books are illustrated and handcrafted, making them an unusual gift, especially for the person who has everything. Each story offers a gentle reminder of what is important in life as the books portray different personality traits, explore the sense of fair play, heighten our awareness to the needs of others and unveil the undercurrents of a judgmental attitude. Whether read to a child or by an adult, the illustrations will bring a smile of delight and the opportunity to share simple values that have been forgotten with the passage of time.

Three of Carolee’s five children’s books pair with the Adult Fairy Tales to kindle the imagination and create wonder in child and adult alike with their astonishing morals. They are Goodie Rude Shoes, Billy Bitter Better and Granny Neat Freak.

Other works by Carolee include: The Mouse House, That Secret Part of Me, From Silly to Sinister: Adult Short Stories, Book One and Two, Navigating the Potholes of Life, A Reason to Dream and The Graduation. Thank you for your interest.

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Stepping out of her safety zone, Carolee went to college at age thirty-six to obtain a baccalaureate degree in nursing, graduating magna cum laude. Mentored by a college professor and his wife, she set her sights to obtain her degree in four years while she raised her five children. Her mentors’ favorite distraction during that period sounded something like this, “keep your eyes on the end of the tunnel.” The light slowly got brighter as Carolee approached graduation and she grew in understanding and self-worth. Her nursing career awarded her many opportunities to broaden her horizons as she worked on a surgical floor, lectured for the hospital’s Wellness Program, became a Director of Nursing, Director of In-service and an Infection Control Practitioner. However, the inherited entrepreneurial blood ran deep in her heart and she left nursing and opened Carolee Realty Group to continue to serve the needs of others. After nine years of success, her husband was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). Unable to meet the demands of her career and be a full-time caregiver, she closed her brokerage and began to paint her watercolor illustrations and handcrafted her works. After her husband passed, she decided to travel at age sixty- eight. She purchased a thirty-two foot motor home and towed her car thirty-five thousand miles cross-country to promote her work. Her grown children gasped, “You’re going to do what?” The voyage turned into the comedy of a lifetime, meeting only one turkey and thousands of eagles. Other than writing, her interests at age eighty-two are family happenings, singing (when no one is listening), playing the piano, reading, occasional computer games, gardening and walking. Her strength of character and her belief in God are evident throughout all of her manuscripts.

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