Pink Tourmaline cut by The Rock Star! $1199.99







Lightning Jasper’s Baraboo, WI. $99.99 Family of four!
Cookie Doe Jasper’s Baraboo, WI. $39.99 His/Hers!
Aquamarine, Colorado, $1199.99


Aquamarine Colorado, Emerald cut, $449.99
ZanderEye’s Montana! #1. $29.99/ #2. $34.99/ #3. $24.99/ #4. $74.99/ #5. $34.99/ #6. $19.99/ #7. $34.99 Buy All For less! Click HERE!
Aquamarine On Granite, Colorado! Great for fish tanks, fish ponds, etc. Prices very. Call now! 715-701-2583
Aquamarine On Granite! Call 715-701-2583
Geodes From Iowa! Softball sized $5.00 Call for more info! 715-701-2583
Geodes Iowa!
Clam Fossils Iowa! $149.99 For Both! Big one is 14 inches across. Not sure of shipping cost’s.
Jasper, Baraboo, WI. Family of four, $99.99


Aquamarine on host of White Granite from Mount White. Harvested in the Z pocket by George Merrill. He is asking $5600.00 as there is a lot more Aquamarine inside this stone that is 9 inches tall and six inches wide. No less He said! Buy NOW!

Here is another picture of his stone! there is sure to be more Aquamarine inside this stone. It needs to be dressed by a pro!

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